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Eden Oak Development

Following a victorious 8-year battle to prevent the Harbour Pointe development on Captiva, a massive new development proposal looms just off-island along the Caloosahatchee estuary at Shell Point.

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Additional Information

PDF of SCCF Power Point about Eden Oak (3 meg file)

Eden Oak Preserve Background

The 306 acres of Eden Oak Preserve includes a development plan for 158 acres along both sides of Shell Point Boulevard. Only 8 of the 158 acres are spoil areas not considered wetlands with the remainder being wetland mangrove forest, salt marsh, canals and open water. The plan proposes to sprawl impacts over 90 acres of wetlands with 54 single-family units and 252 multi-family units, a clubhouse, community pool and marina with 171 docks, seawalls and rip rap.

In addition to habitat destruction and water quality impacts from runoff, the project will impact a number of protected species that live in or utilize the area, including the Florida manatee, Smalltooth sawfish and diamondback terrapin. SCCF will be tracking this project through the permit review process currently under consideration by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and South Florida Water Management District. The good news is that the denial of the Harbour Pointe project by the Corps established an excellent precedent for holding the line on development in mangroves and coastal habitats, thereby reinforcing the critical functions they serve in providing habitat, protecting water quality, shoreline stabilization and coastal protection.