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Lower West Coast Water Supply Plan

Every five years the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) updates their water supply plans to evaluate if future water supply projections are sufficient to meet the estimated demands for the next 20 years. The current Lower West Coast Water Supply Plan update looks out to the year 2030, projects amap 51% increase in population growth demand and an 18% projected increase in agricultural water needs.

SCCF comments September 27, 2012
SFWMD Lower West Coast Water Supply web page
SFWMD Comments Received on August 2012 Draft

December 2012 Member Update:
The District concludes that “the future water demands of the LWC Planning Area can continue to be met through the 2030 planning horizon.” In our review and comments to the District, we take issue with the plan and their conclusions and make recommendations for making the plan reflective of real life conditions.
In our opinion the plan represents a paper exercise that fails to adequately consider the comprehensive water needs of all water users and assumes water availability on unrealistic or unsustainable sources. These assumptions support their conclusions but are not reflective of actual water conditions and water shortage that are currently being experienced and will continue to get worse under this plan.
Water supply and water permitting are intricately linked to the quality of water and habitat for fisheries, human consumption and recreation in our natural systems. The plan as drafted perpetuates a fantasy that all is well when, in fact, water shortages are here now and only going to get worse under the status quo permitting system. We anticipate this to be a key issue in the 2013 legislative session.