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Government Contact Emails

If you're angry about the impact of the heavy releases from Lake Okeechobee, let government officials hear from you!  Your story, with your personal experience of the horrible water quality we are experiencing, is what these officials need to hear.  SCCF and our regional partners attend meetings, provide reports, send emails and write letters but the impact on officials of hearing from all of you greatly amplifies the message. 

And if you do write, please copy us on your letters and emails (;  SCCF, PO Box 839, Sanibel, FL  33957).  We will keep all responses on file and use them to show that we have broad public support in demanding that the water management "status quo" MUST CHANGE!

South Florida Water Management District

Executive Director
Full address

Governing Board;;;;;;;
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Florida Governor



Full address

Department of Environmental Protection

Jonathan P. Steverson
Tel: 850-245-2011
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Florida State Legislators

Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto, District 30:
Sen. Garrett Richter (President of the Senate), District 23:
Rep. Matt Caldwell (District 79):
Rep. Heather Fitzehhagen (District 78):
Rep. Ray Rodrigues (District 76):
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U.S. Congress

Sen. Bill Nelson:
Sen. Marco Rubio email form:
Rep. Thomas Rooney email form:
Rep Curt Clawson email form:

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