Coluber constrictor priapus

The black racer is the most common snake on Sanibel Island and most of south Florida. They are highly adaptable and do very well in residential areas. They are primarily black, bluish, or gray in color with a white chin and underbelly. As adults, they are usually 20 – 56 in (50 -142 cm) in length and get up to six feet (182 cm). Most adults in the area are within 36- 48 in (91 – 122 cm) in length. They eat a variety of animals from insects to birds but tend to prefer brown anoles and various treefrogs on Sanibel. Juveniles look very different from adults in having white/gray skin with red blotches along the back that fade in the first year. They also have two rows of pink dots on each ventral scute as juveniles. Black racers have a false reputation of being aggressive. They are actually just a very nervous high metabolism snakes and do not like to be cornered, captured or held. Many wildlife species feed on black racers in south Florida.